Learn While You Play

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Fully Functional SAT Test Version of XFlash

XFlash is a patented, computer learning system that lets you learn while you play.

You pick the topic and the game program you want to use XFlash with, and XFlash does the rest.

When you play the game program you selected, every 60 seconds or so, XFlash will pop up a question with multiple choice answers.

If you choose the correct answer, XFlash disappears and you can continue playing.

If you choose an incorrect answer, XFlash will give you a hint, helping you learn the correct answer.

The introductory version comes with a SAT Practice Test
subject file, and works with Windows Solitaire, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

XFlash also comes with a program, Flashdef, that lets you create your own subject files.

A large number of additional subject files, ranging from math, spelling, and languages, to SAT test preparation and on-the-job training, will be available soon.

Copyright 2005 - 2012 by Frank Weyer. All rights reserved. U.S. Patent No. 6,024,572
Email: info@xflash.us